How To Hang Christmas Lights Without A Ladder


How to hang Christmas lights without a ladder. The pole system we used along with other tips and tricks to make hanging lights along the roofline, that much easier.

Does anyone else dread hanging outdoor Christmas lights? First, you need to drag everything out of the attic. Then you need to assess and remember which strand of lights went where from the year before.

Eventually you end up at the home department store for extra clips only to stare at the outdoor lights for twenty minutes wishing you went with an entirely different color scheme 12 years ago.

But here you are with mismatched colorful lights and are unwilling to spend $200 or more getting your house to look semi decent.

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Honestly, it’s really ok that nothing matches. We’re still a semi young family and mainly do it for the kids. But while staring at the overwhelming giant wall of holiday lights at the store, tucked down towards the side we saw a No Ladder Pro Light Hanging Kit.

Could this solve all of our problems? Could hanging the lights along the roofline make the colorful, silly choice from 12 years ago feel any better? Could we finally reach the peaks of the roofline that we only attempted once by borrowing a tall ladder from the neighbor and having shaky legs the entire time?

This is our own personal experience. Be sure to seek professional advise and follow manufactures instructions.


No ladder pro system with pole.

Since our roofline has tall peaks over the office and garage, the promise of this item had us sold. Thirty minutes later the lights were organized on the front yard and we were ready to roll.


The first step is to organize your outdoor lights. Untangle any lights that need attention and take off any old clips from the years before.

Organized Christmas lights on the front lawn.


Next, you’ll want to make a plan. It may need to be flexible but you’ll want an idea of which lights will be going where.

  • lights for the roofline
  • lights for the bushes
  • lights for the front entry

Once you make a plan you can get started on the project.


What’s really nice about this system is that it works three different ways. It can snap onto gutters (which looks like the easiest way to use this tool), slide under shingles and snaps onto eaves. Since our home doesn’t have gutters this will be our experience with how to slide them under shingles.

Insert clip into the pole head.

Clip into pole system.

Insert the end of the lights into clip. (make sure you pay attention to which end of the lights you should be hanging where and how they will be plugged in.

How to hang Christmas lights from the shingles.

Extend the pole and slide the flat portion under the shingle. At this point it’s nice to have a second set of hands to hold the dangling lights to help ease the tension off the long cord.

This part will take some time and patience to get it to slide under the shingles.

Once the first clip is set press the clip release button at the base of the pole. The telescope pole must be locked into position before the button will release. Attach the next clip into the pole head. (Do NOT pre attach the clips to the stand of lights.)

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Grab the strand of lights with the telescope pole as the pole extends towards the roofline and slide the second clip under the shingles.

Continue along the roofline.

Attaching Christmas lights to the shingles.


Getting the clips to slide under the shingles can be difficult. We found it was best to always be standing directly under the location you are trying to clip into and not at an angle.

The corners are tough as well since the clip will not have a lot of tension to hold it in place. In the end we decided on plan B and picked portions on our home with less corners.

WHERE THIS TOOL SHINES– Even though some parts were challenging, this tool was absolutely amazing for the peaks of our roofline. For whatever reason the clips slide in and out with ease while attaching to a pitched roofline and held tighter than other flat areas. For that reason alone we decided this tool was worth the hassle in the other areas.

Attaching Christmas lights to the peak of the garage.

For the very top of the garage we did end up using a small ladder we had available on hand, but it would have never been possible without the help of this No Ladder Pro Pole. (Not advised to use while on a ladder.)

Would we buy this product again


  • The ease of being on the ground to apply holiday lights
  • Works great on the slopes of our tall roofline
  • Three different ways to use it. Snaps onto gutters (without a gutter guard), slides under shingles and snaps onto eaves.
  • No tall wobbly ladders


  • Can be difficult getting under shingles. (our roof is new)
  • Not much tension to hold the clips around corners
  • If one clip falls a few of them may pull out as well.

This tool can be very handy for anyone who wants to hang Christmas lights without a ladder. There is a learning curve on how to use it and you might have to redo a clip or two that falls off. But if you have a few slopes to your roofline then it might just be worth the hassle.

*Note- I’ll do an update after the holidays to follow up with the best way to take them down after the Christmas season.

Modest Christmas lights along the roofline and alone the bushes.

It may not be the most beautiful house in the neighborhood (that would be our neighbor directly across the street) but the lights are up and the kids love seeing them as we come home in the evenings.

One day our lights will match but until then let’s give a moment to the fact that these lights have lasted 12 years, 3 change of duty stations and kids running around the yard hopping over them as we set them up. I have a feeling they might just last forever.

Happy Holidays!

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