Wood Christmas Trees | DIY front yard holiday decorations

Wood Christmas trees DIY to add to your front yard holiday decor this winter season. Step by step tutorial with materials list.

After a weekend filled running errands and getting this and that done, my hubby and I were excited to get home and do nothing. You’ve been there right?

To get out of real clothes and back into comfy pajama pants to relax.

When out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple of wood Christmas trees in the neighborhood.

“Babe! Slow down!”

He sped up. He knew pajama pants weren’t going to happen.

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“What Christmas trees? I didn’t see any trees”

I proceeded to tell him just how jolly these wood trees were, but that it was ok. It was a busy weekend. No way did we need to add anything else to the list when the list was just completed.

Sweatpants were put on and I started cooking bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for the upcoming weeks breakfast.

Then out from the bedroom came my husband, back in his jeans, wallet and sunglasses in hand.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t relax knowing you want the dang trees. I’m going to Home Depot.”


Materials – Makes two trees at approximately 6 and 4 feet

  • 4- 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. whitewood common board (we bought 5 but only used 4)
  • 2- 1 in. x 3 in. 6 ft. whitewood common board
  • 2- 2 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft.
  • stain
  • waterproof wood sealer
  • screws


  • impact driver
  • chalk line
  • saw
  • measuring tape
  • eye protection
    • latex gloves
    • paint brush/rags
    • clamps optional

This is our own personal experience. Remember to always practice tool safety and seek professional guidance.

wood Christmas trees wrapped in white lights.

For this project we wanted to make 2 wood Christmas Trees. One approximately 6 feet tall and the other 4 feet tall.

Lay out your boards and separate using scrap wood or something similar.

5 common boards lined up and separated with scrap wood.

We cut one board to 41 inches to make the bottom of the 6 foot Christmas tree.

Then, using chalk line, we tiered the remaining wood boards to form a tree shape.

Making a tier with the boards to make the Christmas tree.

Chalk both sides.

Cut along chalk lines.

Use the leftover wood to make a second tree and the smaller pieces to form the top portion.

Marking the boards with a chalk line.

Attach the 1×3 to the tree taking care to use the proper size screws so it doesn’t poke through the front.

Adding screws and attaching the boards to a 1x3 support board.


Using the 2×4’s, cut your wood tree support.

For the 6 foot tree we made 4- 24 inches leg supports and connected them with long screws.

For the 4 foot tree we made 4- 16 inch leg supports and attached them to the tree.

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Attaching the 2x4 leg supports.


Since these trees will be sitting outside during the colder months, we needed to protect them. We decided to stain and seal them but you can also paint them for a pop of color.

We used a dark oil based stain and applied it using a cotton rag.

Two finished wood Christmas trees.

Then we waited for them to dry completely and applied a clear waterproof wood sealer that we had left over from another project.

Stained and sealed with added lights on both trees.

Once dry, we added white Christmas lights and waited for the sun to go down.

Finished project with white lights lit up.

These two wood Christmas trees were exactly the jolly trees I was hoping for. Later we’ll add a fa la la or a merry Christmas to the boards, but for now this project is done and the comfy sweatpants are back on!

Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season. ~Sara

DIY front yard holiday decor with wood Christmas trees.
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