Words of Encouragement | From my 7 Year Old

Words of encouragement from the little ones who look up to us.

words of encouragement

It all started when I needed a new planner. My 18 month planner had ended but since I bought it a few months late… I changed the beginning months to fit the new dates.

Is that bad? That’s how much I loved this planner! So when I asked for a new one for Valentines day (it’s pricy and I’m practical!) I was a tad disappointed that this year’s didn’t come with inspirational quotes above the months.

It was still great but my daughter saw how much I had loved them….

encouraging words from our children

That night we tucked the kids into bed at the normal 8pm bedtime and I was ready to unwind. You know, watch The Great British Baking Show and learn about the perfect rough puff pastry.

After 45 minutes of everyone disappointing Paul Hollywood, my 7 year old comes in with tiny strips of paper that were hand written and roughly cut out.

agenda on wood table

I was beginning to scold her about the importance of bedtime, when she presented to me several quotes that she had come up with that I could tape into my new planner.


  • It is NEVER over until you make things right
  • Walk away from darkness and follow God’s light
  • Be calm if you have stress go outside to rest
  • Walk away from stress, and walk into happiness
  • NO ONE can change your belief but you

This thoughtful little lady spent her reading time (plus some) making her mom some inspirational quotes from the heart. Immediately we grabbed a glue stick to put them in the beginning of each month.

Sometimes kids tune us out, they don’t want to put away their toys and asking them to play nicely with their siblings is a struggle. But sometimes they can also really blow you away.

Special moments don’t always happen when it’s most convenient for us parents. Sometimes they happen after bedtime or while you otherwise think you’re too busy. Be sure that when these little special moments happen that you’re not to busy to really listen.

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